Citywide Auto Glass - Testimonials

"They were just out today to replace the windshield in my 2006 Hyundai Accent. Fast, cheap and good. I thought you can't get all three...
Anyway, the windshield is very high quality, had the mirror mount built-in and all of the correct shading. I inspected the work very closely and I couldn't see that it was ever replaced. Also, no tape holding it in for a day (like on Breaking Bad), he just said to keep the windows cracked for 30 minutes and the adhesive would cure.
Highly recommend using these guys..."
-Frank J. Escondido, CA


"Found these guys via yelp last week out of necessity after a ten inch piece of flying metal punched a speed hole in my wife's front windscreen. All I can say is I wish I knew about them earlier, like one of the two previous times flying road debris has shattered one of my fleet's windscreens.
I used the website to request a quote and got a response within 20 minutes that was much lower than I was expecting. I phoned the office to book an appointment, remembering to mention the coupon on the website, and had a new windscreen installed, at our house, that afternoon. Over the next few days an irritating buzz developed from the lower passenger side of the new windshield. I phoned up on Monday and had a service tech out there that afternoon making the necessary repair.

Everyone here is helpful, friendly, and they seem genuinely concerned about making customers happy and doing a good job. I thought about knocking it down to four stars for not doing the job 100% correctly the first time, but bumped it back up to five based on the level of customer service I experienced pre-sale, during install, and post-sale.
Hopefully one of my windshields doesn't shatter again any time soon, but if one does these guys will be my first (and only) call."
-Chris G. San Diego, CA


"These guys are good! They are friendly, professional, quick, and they did a great job. Basically effortless on my part. I have been putting off having my windshield replaced after driving through a sand storm in the desert. One call and the next day they came to my place of work and quickly replaced my windshield. And they did it at a great price. This is the place to go for any type of window replacement or repair, from a small nick to a complete window replacement. I will definitely use them again."
-Charles F. San Diego, CA


"A few weeks ago, I was happy that I just got off of work and was ready to start my weekend on the right foot. I was happily listening to some good beats in my car as I was on my quick, six mile commute home when I had an FML moment the minute a good sized rock met its destiny with the windshield on my ten month old new car.

I wasn't following a huge dump truck that was carrying a bunch of rocks, I was simply minding my own business on the 56 Bypass, driving the speed limit when that stupid rock chose to kiss the bottom corner of my windshield, hard.

It wasn't until the next morning when my fiance and I got in my car that we noticed a good ten inch crack that started from the bottom corner up to the middle of my windshield. A few hours later had passed and the crack grew longer. Two more hours had passed and it grew another inch. Unfortunately, the damage was within my eye level on the driver's side, so there was no way you can avoid the crack.

I decided to call a few places on Sunday morning to get some quotes (it wasn't worth going through my insurance to get this covered) and got an email the next morning from a sales rep once they were open. The day before, I was quoted over $400 dollars for a place that charged an extra $35 for their mobile service. I wanted to laugh when the guy quoted me that rate since I knew I was able to get it for much less elsewhere (and didn't have to drive all the way to their shop in Escondido for it).

Citywide earns their five stars for:

-having the lowest price for the new windshield,
-not charging extra to come to my work,
-the $20 off on-line coupon they have on their website (you must mention the coupon when you schedule your appointment & before they come on site to honor the discount on the pre-printed invoice),
-coming to my work at 2:00 when you gave me a 1:00 to 5:00 PM window of arriving,
-replacing my windshield in thirty minutes, and
-the nice employee that replaced my windshield.

Needless to say, I'm a big fan of Citywide Auto Glass and already referred two friends to them that need new windshields for their cars.

Save yourself some time and effort by going to these guys, their rates are the best out there and you'll be satisfied with their service. As much as I love this shop, I hope I won't have to call them anytime soon to get my windshield replaced again!"
-Joanne B. San Diego, CA


"Unfortunately, I've had to call Citywide *twice* to replace my darn windshield - it's my bad luck that when I drive to LA, I invariably get behind a truck spewing gravel. :-(

Luckily for me, Citywide hooked me up with a replacement for a very reasonable price. The first time, in 2008, I called another service and got higher quotes followed by a " have a model with nonstandard bracket" when they actually came out. Thankfully I just happened to luck out and see a Citywide repair person and got his card, called for a bid and it was very good. They replaced my windshield at my house, lickety split, and I didn't have any problems with it until some nitwit threw gravel at me again.

This time, I couldn't remember the name of Citywide, so I stupidly had another vendor come out to replace it (I called All Star Glass, thinking they were the great guys from faulty memory.). Not only did All Star quote me nearly $60 more than Citywide, but they had fully removed the top liner from my windshield before they realized their glass didn't fit my model - told me they'd call me back with a new part, and I never heard from them again. Oh, and they took my liner, leaving my windshield open to the elements. Sheesh!

Finally I went back through 3 years of bank statements to find Citywide - Yay, found them! I called and even though it was same-day and raining outside, they sent Helio to work on my car. He was incredibly nice, helpful and fast. He even tried to help me re-set a problem on my passenger window, and explained to me some problems to anticipate with my car model and future replacements.

I'll never use another auto glass company - thanks guys!!! And this time I can find you in my Yelp reviews so I'll never lose your contact info."
-Dana T. Chicago, IL


"love love love. highly recommend. Mark and Pam were very helpful and excellent customer service.

they get the job done, or if they can't they have enough network contacts to find you someone who can, and at a reasonable price.

they didn't treat me like a "girl" and high ball me or test my car knowledge, they knew what needed to get the job done and delivered with the highest of quality.

Will continue to refer them to friends and family also for any glass needs."
-April J. San Diego, CA


"My father worked as a mechanic & car cleaning at dealerships when I was a kid. I know what kind of games they play in the auto industry, so I'm always EXTREMELY hesitant when I have to choose a new place to give my money to. I found Citywide via Yelp & they did not disappoint! They arrived within the given time frame (on a Saturday!), completed the service under an hour, and charge $25 LESS than the original estimate. The technician was friendly & informative. Great service, good prices, wonderful results."
-Victoria K. Oceanside, CA


"Oh my goodness, Citywide Auto Glass is the epitome of amazing customer service. The entire staff (shout out to Mark Delia, Shane, and Richelle) is friendly, kind, helpful, professional, and an absolute pleasure to do business with.

The first time I went to Citywide was about two weeks ago to get my passenger mirror replaced. I'd gotten quotes from a few mechanics, all of who wanted to 1) replace the entire mirror, not just the glass, and 2) charge me at least $100. One garage even quoted me $200!! Citywide Auto Glass replaced just the glass and charged me only $54, which included parts and labor.

I also needed my driver side lock apparatus replaced/fixed and I asked Mark to pop open my door to see exactly needed to be replaced, which he did for free, even though one garage wanted $70 *just* to *open* the door panel. Mark told me what I needed to get and said that he would install it free of charge. Today he replaced the part for me and then, when he realized that my lock also didn't work, he fixed it for me!

I absolutely love Citywide Auto Glass because both times that I had the pleasure of being helped by Mark and his crew I went home completely satisfied, feeling like a valued customer. They made me feel like they really cared about me and my needs, and they never made me feel like I was being taken advantage of or being lied to, which is how I typically feel at auto repair shops. Citywide really took care of me, and I believe they do that with all their customers. I highly recommend anyone and everyone to call them up if you need anything glass related for your car. Oh, and they have an A rating from the Better Business Bureau! LL C."
-Austin, TX


"Great prices, great service!

I needed a full windshield replacement. I originally was going to go with Safelite but their quote seemed a bit high. Hit-up Yelp and looked at places around my house. Citywide was the first company I checked into. Glad I did.

Website had an online quote submission that was really easy. Sent request at 6am and got a response by 8am. The quote was a over a hundred dollars less than Safelite's! Mobile Service was free as well!!

Richelle was extremely responsive and courteous via e-mail (my favorite form of communication btw).

Tech arrived in the middle of the four hour window I was given and was ultra efficient, courteous and professional.

I'd recommend Citywide to anyone who needs help with their glass repair or replacement."
-Phil C. San Diego, CA


"Awesome! Prompt and friendly. Job well done."
-Kathleen R. Del Mar, CA


"Mark came out and promptly replaced my cracked windshield. His work was clean and his explanation, thorough. Although I hope I don't need Citywide Auto Glass any time soon, I would definitely use them again and recommend them to my clients and friends. Thanks."
-Denise L. Cardiff, CA


"My company has been using the services of Mark & Brian for several years. We also insist that everyone does as well, because the automotive industry can be a treacherous one. When you find a company like Citywide, you need to let them help you and then spread the word of the excellent service that they provide. Hopefully, you will not need to have glass work very often, but when you do, you will be happy to have this company in your directory.!"
Rocky F. San Diego, CA


"My office has referred HUNDREDS of clients to get their windshields repaired or replaced over the last 20 some years. They offer superior service for a reasonable price. Hats off to Citywide Auto Glass."
-Kelly Y. Santa Rosa, CA


"Had my Toyota Truck windshield replace by Citywide Auto Glass not only they were professional from start to finish. Especially the staff namely Richelle is very helpful and Mark is very accommodating in answering questions. If you're looking for any glass/windshield repair I would definitely go with them. I for sure will definitely go back to them."
-Vince A. San Diego, CA


"Excellent company! Gave me a quote over the phone and delivered the new windshield to my son's house on time! Professional, personable and reasonably priced! I highly recommend this company and will call them again! Thank you!"
-Char K. Chula Vista, CA